Goals of the NLSD #113 Student Games

July 13, 2009

March 7th to March 12th, 2010

Update (November 17, 2009): the technical package is currently being worked on and good progress is being made on the schedule (it will be detailed).    One significant change to note is that hockey has been dropped.

The technical package can now be viewed online.   Visit http://nstc.wikispaces.com/Northern+Student+Games+and+Cultural+Festival

January 15, 2010 – check out the newest page that acknowledges our sponsors!

January 19, 2010 – I added the technical package as a separate page on the side menu.   It is a fairly easy document to view this way.   Check it out.

January 29, 2010 – Here is the link to the Website that will be used to publish results from the 2010 Games in La Loche.  Many thanks to Laura Petshulat for her work on getting this site up and ready.

February 6, 2010

Souvenirs will be available at the Games:

Below is an image of a souvenir pin that will be for sale during the games.   There will be 500 pins and it will sell for $3.00.   There will be souvenir coffee cups and t-shirts available as well.   Keep checking for images.

February 17, 2010

Good News!   The Dance on Thursday, March 11th, features “Just the Boyz” from Beauval.   The dance is free to participants and volunteers.   The only way in is to be a volunteer or participant as a very large crowd is expected.

See a youtube video of “Just the Boyz” posted below.

March 6, 2010 (One last update)

To watch some of the activity going on at the Northern Games visit http://nlsd113.org/livestream/


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Philosophy of the Northern Lights School Division #113 Student Games
The Northern Lights School Division #113 Student Games are organized with the idea of furthering friendship, knowledge, culture, and understanding between communities, schools, and individuals.    The primary purpose of the Northern Lights Student Games is to promote group and individual experiences in the fine arts, culture and athletic undertakings throughout Northern Saskatchewan as well as to try to prevent unhealthy choices while encouraging healty lifestyle choices.
Goals of the Northern Lights School Division #113 Student Games
1.   The NLSD #113 Student Games provide an opportunity for students from various northern communities to meet, interact, and participate in fine arts, cultural and athletic events in a spirit of cooperation, competition, and friendship.
2.    The NLSD #113 Student Games encourage the on-going development of in-school programs and curriculum.    The emphasis on the fine arts, cultural and athletic pursuits promotes the development of well-rounded students who are both comfortable with and competent in these arts, culture and athletic pursuits.
3.   The NLSD #113 Student Games promote local and community relations and is a capacity building opportunity for the two to work closely together.    In addition, the Games promote First Nations and municipal community and corporate community relations.   It is an opportunity for all of these communities and partners to work together towards the development of fine arts, cultural, and athletic pursuits.
4.   The NLSD #113 Student Games will focus on development at the grassroots, community level, serving as a developmental program for students in their future school athletics programs, Games programs (such as the Saskatchewan Games Program, First Nations Games and the North American Indigenous Games) and other opportunities in fine arts, cultural and athletic pursuits.
Source: Content above taken from the Northern Lights School Division #113 Student Games Handbook (May 8, 2009).